ITnTWS001A Flexible Approach to Improving System Reliability with Virtual Lockstep
ITnTWS002A Model for Checking Contractual Compliance of Business Interactions
ITnTWS003A Proxy-Based Architecture for Dynamic Discovery and Invocation of Web Services from Mobile
ITnTWS004A Petri Net Approach to Analyzing Behavioral Compatibility and Similarity of Web Services
ITnTWS005Bootstrapping Ontologies for Web Services
ITnTWS006Business-OWL (BOWL)—A Hierarchical Task Network Ontology for Dynamic Business Process Decomposition
ITnTWS007Collaborative Testing of Web Services
ITnTWS008Dynamic Authentication for Cross-Realm SOA-Based Business Processes
ITnTWS009Energy-Aware Autonomic Resource Allocation in Multitier Virtualized Environments
ITnTWS010Expert Discovery and Interactions in Mixed Service-Oriented Systems
ITnTWS011Optimization of Resource Provisioning Cost in Cloud Computing
ITnTWS012Query Access Assurance in Outsourced Databases
ITnTWS013RLM: A General Model for Trust Representation and Aggregation
ITnTWS014Runtime Enforcement of Web Service Message Contracts with Data
ITnTWS015Semantics-Based Automated Service Discovery
ITnTWS016TiCoBTx-Net: A Model to Manage Temporal Consistency of Service-Oriented Business Collaboration
Using Rules and Data Dependencies for the Recovery of Concurrent Processes in a Service-Oriented Environment