ITnTPS001Space Vector Modulation Controlled Hybrid Active Power Filter for Power Conditioning
ITnTPS002Modelling, Simulation And Control Of A Non Conventional Fuel Cell Power Generation System By Varying Oxygen Pressure Using Matlab
ITnTPS003Mitigation of Harmonics by Hysteresis Control Technique of VSI Based Statcom
ITnTPS004The Steady State Analysis of Z-Source Inverter based Solar Power Generation System
ITnTPS005The Direct Current Control Method of STATCOM and It's Simulation
ITnTPS006Co-ordination of SMES with STATCOM for mitigating SSR and damping power system oscillations in a series compensated wind power system
ITnTPS007Integration of PV/Battery Hybrid Energy Conversion System to the Grid with Power Quality Improvement Features
ITnTPS008Open-end-winding PMSG for Wind Energy Conversion System With Dual Boost NPC Converter
ITnTPS009Mitigation of Capacitor Bank Switching Transients by Using SVCs in Large Plants Instead of Capacitor banK and Circuit Breaker
ITnTPS010A novel analysis of high frequency LLC converter for fuel cell systems
ITnTPS011Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter with MPPT for Photovoltaic Power Generation System
ITnTPS012Control and quantification of kinetic energy released by wind farms during power system frequency drops
ITnTPS013A New Multi-level Inverter with FACTS Capabilities for Wind Applications
ITnTPS014Voltage and frequency control of wind hydro hybrid system in isolated locations using cage generators
ITnTPS015Design, Analysis and Simulation of Small Signal Control Strategy of a STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation on Variation of DC link Voltage
ITnTPS016Disturbance Immune DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System
ITnTPS017Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation Using Z-source Inverter DVR based on FUZZY Controller
ITnTPS018Constant Output Under Transient Condition in Wind Turbine using Novel Boost Converter
ITnTPS019Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter Based Statcom for Reactive Power Compensation
ITnTPS020Modeling and Simulation in Wind Electric Generator using SimulinklMatlab
ITnTPS021Multiple Input DC-DC Converters for Solar Cell Power Supply System and Its Maximum Power Point Tracker
ITnTPS022A new approach for voltage control of IPFC and UPFC for power flow management
ITnTPS023Dynamic performance investigation of dq model with PID controller-based unified power-flow controller
ITnTPS024A Single-Phase 5-Level Inverter with FACT Capability using Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC) Topology
ITnTPS025Model Predictive Control of Grid-Tied Four-Level Diode-Clamped Inverters for High Power Wind Energy Conversion Systems
ITnTPS026Design, Analysis and Simulation of Linear Controller of a STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation on Variation of DC link Voltage
ITnTPS027Application of STATCOM for Transient Stability Improvement and Performance Enhancement for a Wind Turbine Based Induction Generator
ITnTPS028Improvement Of Power Quality By Using Active Filter Based On Vectorial Power Theory Control Strategy On The MATLAB-Simulink Platform
ITnTPS029Cascaded Seven Levels H-Bridge Inverter Control of DSTATCOM for Compensation of Reactive Power and Harmonics
ITnTPS030Comparative Study between Different Control Strategies for Shunt Active Power Filter
ITnTPS031Static synchronous series compensator for series compensation of EHV transmission line
ITnTPS032Impacts of D-STATCOM on Voltage Stability
ITnTPS033A Comparative Study between PLPD,PID and Lead-Lag controllers for Power System Stabilizer
ITnTPS034Implementation of Current Control Techniques for Uninterruptable Power Supply
ITnTPS035ComparisionBetweeen Symmetric & New Model Asymmetric Z-Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Fed IM For Selective Harmonic Minimization & THD Reduction With PV Cell Input