ITnTPE0001Analysis and Comparison of Medium Voltage High Power DC/DC Converters for Offshore Wind Energy Systems
ITnTPE0002Analysis and Design of a Push-Pull Quasi-Resonant Boost Power Factor Corrector
ITnTPE0003Analysis of a Fifth-Order Resonant Converter for High-Voltage DC Power Supplies
ITnTPE0004Analysis, Design, and Experimental Results of a Novel Soft-Switching Snubberless Current-Fed Half-Bridge Front-End Converter-Based PV Inverter
ITnTPE0005Bridgeless SEPIC Converter With a Ripple-Free Input Current
ITnTPE0006Cascaded Multicell Trans-Z-Source Inverters
ITnTPE0007Class-D/DE Dual-Mode-Operation Resonant Converter for Improved-Efficiency Domestic Induction Heating System
ITnTPE0008Control of Improved Full-Bridge Three-Level DC/DC Converter for Wind Turbines in a DC Grid
ITnTPE0009Common-Mode Voltage Reduction Methods for Current-Source Converters in Medium-Voltage ÿ Drives
ITnTPE0010A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC Converter
ITnTPE0011A High Step-Up Converter With a Voltage Multiplier Module for a Photovoltaic System
ITnTPE0012Dual Transformerless Single-Stage Current Source inverter With energy management Control strategy
ITnTPE0013Generalized Multicell Switched-Inductor and Switched capacitor Z source inverter
ITnTPE0014High-Efficiency Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converter Without Electrolytic Capacitor for Low-output-Voltage AC-DC LED drivers
ITnTPE0015High-Efficiency Single-Input Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter
ITnTPE0016Hybrid-Frequency Modulation for PWM-Integrated Resonant converters
ITnTPE0017Improved Trans-Z-Source Inverter With Continuous input Current and boost inversion capability
ITnTPE0018Integration and Operation of a Single-Phase Bidirectional inverter with Two buck/boost MPPTS
ITnTPE0019Light-Load Efficiency Improvement in Buck-Derived Single-Stage Single switch PFC Converters
ITnTPE0020Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics in a Grid connected Single phase PV -Inverter
ITnTPE0021Comparison of Conventional & PID Tuning of sliding mode fuzzy controller for BLDC motor drives
ITnTPE0022Closed Loop Voltage mode control of impedance Source Inverter(ZSI)
ITnTPE0023A Series Fuzzy Controller for First Swing Stability Enhancement in Multi-Machine Power System
ITnTPE0024Adaptive fuzzy logic speed controller for Brushless DC motor
ITnTPE0025Mathematical modelling and Speed control of a Senscored Brushless DC motor using Intelligent controller
ITnTPE0026Grid Interfacing of Multi mega watt Photovoltaic Inverters
ITnTPE0027Nonlinear Behavior and Instability in a Three-Phase Boost Rectifier Connected to a Non ideal Power Grid With an Interacting Load
ITnTPE0028A DC-DC Converter Based on the Three-State Switching Cell for High Current and Voltage Step-Down Applications
ITnTPE0029A High Step-Down Transformer less Single-Stage Single-Switch AC/DC Converter
ITnTPE0030Direct Power Control of Three Phase PWM Rectifier Using Model Predictive Control and SVM Switching
ITnTPE0031A Comparative Analysis of Controllers Controlling Uncertainty in the Form of 2nd Order Load, Affecting the Robust Position Control of DC Motor
ITnTPE0032Multilevel DC-Link Inverter and Control Algorithm to Overcome the PV Partial shading
ITnTPE0033Nonlinear Behavior and Instability in a Three-Phase Boost Rectifier Connected to a Nonideal Power Grid With an Interacting Load
ITnTPE0034Reconfigurable Solar Converter: A Single-Stage Power Conversion PV-Battery System
ITnTPE0035Series Asymmetrical Half-Bridge Converters With Voltage Auto balance for High Input-Voltage Applications
ITnTPE0036Low-Cost Direct Torque Control Algorithm for Induction Motor Without AC Phase Current Sensors
ITnTPE0037A New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches
ITnTPE0038Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter with Less Number of Power Elements for Grid Connection
ITnTPE0039Low Cost Transformer Isolated Boost Half-bridge Micro-inverter for Single-phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic System
ITnTPE0040Modeling and Simulation of a Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM) for Power Quality Problems-Voltage Sag and Swell Based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM)
ITnTPE0041Review of the Impact of Vehicle-to-Grid Technologies on Distribution Systems and Utility Interfaces
ITnTPE0042An LLC Resonant DC–DC Converter for Wide Output Voltage Range Battery Charging Applications
ITnTPE0043An Advanced Power Electronics Interface for Electric Vehicles Applications
ITnTPE0044Dynamic Stability of a Microgrid With an Active Load
ITnTPE0045Auxiliary Switch Control of a Bidirectional Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter
ITnTPE0046A High Step-Up Three-Port DC–DC Converter for Stand-Alone PV/Battery Power Systems
ITnTPE0047A Nonlinear Controller Based on a Discrete Energy Function for an AC/DC Boost PFC Converter
ITnTPE0048Modular Multilevel Inverter with New Modulation Method and Its Application to Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Generator
ITnTPE0049Review of Battery Charger Topologies, Charging Power Levels, and Infrastructure for Plug-In Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
ITnTPE0050A Fully Directional Universal Power Electronic Interface for EV, HEV, and PHEV Applications
ITnTPE0051Comprehensive Approach to Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Arrays
ITnTPE0052VSC-Based HVDC Power Transmission Systems: An Overview
ITnTPE0053Mitigation of Lower Order Harmonics in a Grid-Connected Single-Phase PV Inverter
ITnTPE0054Enhanced Modulation Strategy for a Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge—Boosting Efficiency of an Electric Vehicle Converter
ITnTPE0055Power Electronic Traction Transformer-Low Voltage Prototype
ITnTPE0056DQ-Frame Modeling of an Active Power Filter Integrated With a Grid-Connected, Multifunctional Electric Vehicle Charging Station,
ITnTPE0057Development of an 85-kW Bidirectional Quasi-Z-Source Inverter With DC-Link Feed-Forward Compensation for Electric Vehicle Applications
ITnTPE0058Novel Interleaved Bidirectional Snubberless Soft-Switching Current-Fed Full-Bridge Voltage Doubler for Fuel-Cell Vehicles
ITnTPE0059An Improved Soft-Switching Buck Converter With Coupled Inductor
ITnTPE0060Photovoltaic Power-Increment-Aided Incremental-Conductance MPPT With Two-Phased Tracking
ITnTPE0061A Zero-Voltage Switching Full-Bridge DC–DC Converter With Capacitive Output Filter for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charging
ITnTPE0062Current Minimizing Torque Control of the IPMSM Using Ferrari’s Method
ITnTPE0063A Novel Single-Reference Six-Pulse-Modulation (SRSPM) Technique-Based Interleaved High-Frequency Three-Phase Inverter for Fuel Cell Vehicles
ITnTPE0064The Multilevel Modular DC Converter