ITnTNS001A Flexible Approach to Improving System Reliability with Virtual Lockstep
ITnTNS002A Flexible Approach to Multisession Trust Negotiations
ITnTNS003A Learning-Based Approach to Reactive Security
ITnTNS004A Stochastic Model of Multivirus Dynamics
ITnTNS005A Taxonomy of Buffer Overflow Characteristics
ITnTNS006Automated Security Test Generation with Formal Threat Models
ITnTNS007Automatic Reconfiguration for Large-Scale Reliable Storage Systems
ITnTNS008Compiler-Directed Soft Error Mitigation for Embedded Systems
ITnTNS009Conditional Diagnosability of Augmented Cubes under the PMC Model
ITnTNS010Data-Provenance Verification For Secure Hosts
ITnTNS011Design and Implementation of TARF:A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs
ITnTNS012Detecting and Resolving Firewall Policy Anomalies
ITnTNS013Detecting Anomalous Insiders in Collaborative Information Systems
ITnTNS014Detecting Spam Zombies by Monitoring Outgoing Messages
ITnTNS015Double Guard: Detecting Intrusions in Multitier Web Applications
ITnTNS016Dynamic Security Risk Management Using Bayesian Attack Graphs
ITnTNS017Enforcing Mandatory Access Control in Commodity OS to Disable Malware
ITnTNS018Enforcing Mandatory Access Control in Commodity OS to Disable Malware
ITnTNS019Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the Cloud
ITnTNS020ES-MPICH2: A Message Passing Interface with Enhanced Security
ITnTNS021Extending Attack Graph-Based Security Metrics and Aggregating Their Application
ITnTNS022Give2Get: Forwarding in Social Mobile Wireless Networks of Selfish Individuals
ITnTNS023Incentive Compatible Privacy-Preserving Distributed Classification
ITnTNS024Iterative Trust and Reputation Management Using Belief Propagation
ITnTNS025JS-Reduce: Defending Your Data from Sequential Background Knowledge Attacks
ITnTNS026Large Margin Gaussian Mixture Models with Differential Privacy
ITnTNS027Low Energy Online Self-Test of Embedded Processors in Dependable WSN Nodes
ITnTNS028Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Multiparty Applications in the Presence of Clock Drifts
ITnTNS029M-Score: A Misuseability Weight Measure
ITnTNS030On Privacy of Encrypted Speech Communications
ITnTNS031On the Security and Efficiency of Content Distribution via Network Coding
ITnTNS032On the Security of a Ticket-Based Anonymity System with Traceability Property in Wireless Mesh Networks
ITnTNS033Packet-Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attacks
ITnTNS034pCloud: A Distributed System for Practical PIR
ITnTNS035Persuasive Cued Click-Points: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Knowledge-Based Authentication Mechanism
ITnTNS036Quantitative Analysis of Consensus Algorithms
ITnTNS037Recommendation Models for Open Authorization
ITnTNS038Remote Attestation with Domain-Based Integrity Model and Policy Analysis
ITnTNS039Resilient Authenticated Execution of Critical Applications in Untrusted Environments
ITnTNS040Revisiting Defenses against Large-Scale Online Password Guessing Attacks
ITnTNS041Risk-Aware Mitigation for MANET Routing Attacks
ITnTNS042Secure Failure Detection and Consensus in Trusted Pals
ITnTNS043Secured Trust: A Dynamic Trust Computation Model for Secured Communication in Multi agent Systems
ITnTNS044Security of Bertino-Shang-Wagstaff Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Management Scheme for Secure Broadcasting